The Longest Calligraphy Scroll

From 22 Oct 2022 to 12 Nov 2022, our instructor, Ms Ye Jiejie led her students together with the community partners and residents of Nee Soon Central participated in the calligraphy scroll. Collectively, the total length of 458.8m written calligraphy was achieved and qualified as “The Longest Calligraphy Scroll” in the Singapore Book of Records.

The scroll was completed by Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Lawrence Wong; Minister of State, Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim; Member of Parliarment, Mr Derrick Goh Soon Hee and Chief Executive Director the People’s Association, Mr Lim Hock Yu.

2022 Chinese New Year Wishing

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On every eve of Chinese New Year, Minister of State, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, takes time out of his busy schedule to practice Chinese Calligraphy so as to send his best Chinese New Year wishings. In Year 2022, he wrote “Ping An” (peace in Chinese) to wish everyone a prosperous and peaceful Chinese New Year ! This is also the 5th lunar year that the Minister has been writing on red paper in promoting traditional Chinese culture. Because it has been so popular for the past 4 lunar years, the red papers are regarded as a collection series by the public.

每年过年前夕,现任国务部长费绍尔副教授在百忙之中抽时间练习书法,给予民众最好的过年祝福:2022壬寅书写“平安” — 共同预祝大家新春佳节 虎虎生威,身体健康! 这也是部长通过中华传统文化,红纸书写的第五个年头,由于太受欢迎被民众当作收藏系列。

Cultivating perseverance through the pursuit of arts

“首先 家长要坚持,如果一旦学些什么,浅尝辄止 半途而废,他将来一生 可能 什么都可以放弃。在这一个 意义上说,学一门艺术让孩子学会坚持,比那个艺术本身更重要。” – 清华大学艺术教育中心 主任 赵洪。

“First, parents must persevere. Once the learning has started and the student has given it up halfway through, he may give up anything in his life. On this note, learning an art to cultivate perseverance in him is more important than learning the art.”  – Qing Hua University, Centre of the Arts Education, Head, Madam Zhao Hong.