Course 课程

The 1 day course provides learners with 1) the history of Chinese Calligraphy to better understand the connotations in Chinese Culture and 2) equip learners with the techniques to master the essence of writing Chinese Calligraphy.

为期一天的课程为学习者1) 讲述中国书法历史,以便清楚了解中国文化的底蕴, 2) 分享书法快速学习技巧, 让初学者能够快速掌握其中之奥秘。

Course Outline 课程大纲

  1. History of Chinese Calligraphy
  2. Introduction to “Four Treasures” as well as its usage and maintenance
  3. Eight brush strokes of Chinese word, “Yong”
  4. Techniques of handling Calligraphy brush (including hands-on practice)
    用毛笔的技巧 (包括亲自動手體驗)
  5. Fundamental rules and changes of brushstroke movements
  6. Creation of art work: To provide participants with appropriate guidance on Calligraphy based on individual preferences and abilities

Course Instructor

  1. Ms Ye Jiejie received her professional Chinese Calligraphy training at the Singapore Senior Citizen Calligraphy University Centre.  She has been sharing her knowledge in Chinese Calligraphy through teaching at various communities and interest groups.
    叶婕婕老师在新加坡老年书法大学受过专业书法培训,期间更不辞辛劳拜访各国明师继续深入研习, 并积极通过各个社区和团体的教学,分享她学习中国书法的心得,一致获得好评。
  2. Over many years, she has specialised in Kai Shu Style (also known as Yan Zhen Qing’s font), which is the fundamental of Chinese Calligraphy.
    这几年,她更专攻唐楷及米芾行书 , 为学习书法打下扎实的基本功 。
  3. Ms Ye’s work has been recognised as outstanding standard and were kept in China Calligraphy museum after exhibitions in China, Taiwan and other Asia countries.
    叶老师作品已被认为专业水平,并曾获中国,香港, 台湾, 马来西亚等地的收藏家所珍藏,被誉爲新加坡最具潜力的年轻书法家!

Target Learners目标学习者
Learners with at least above 6 years old who has interest in Chinese Calligraphy.  No prior knowledge or skills are required.
至少7岁以上, 对中国书法感兴趣的学习者。无需具备任何书法知识或技能。

Learning Dates 学习日期
9am to 5pm on last Fridays in even month.
每逢雙月的星期五, 早上九点 到 下午五点。
E.g. 29 June 2018, 31 Aug 2018, 26 Oct 2018, 28 Dec 2018.

Venue 地点
Studio Miu Pte Ltd located at The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road #03-35 Singapore 238843

Course Fees 课程费用
S$208.00/1 person (including $38 calligraphy materials).  Price is inclusive of GST.
$208.00/1人 (包括$38 书法材料),  价格包含消費税。

Other course details
For other course details, please email to and we will respond within 3 working days.