Course Instructor 课程导师

Ms Ye Jie Jie received her professional Chinese Calligraphy training from the famous calligrapher, Professor Tan Siah Kwee.  Thereafter, Ms Ye was admitted by the Taiwan national treasure calligrapher, Professor Paul Wong as the first overseas apprentice for 5 years of systematic research and practice and achieved a leap in Chinese Calligraphy.  Later, Ms Ye was guided by Mr Chen Xiao Peng from China for in-depth study in Xing Shu.  Ms Ye is actively sharing her knowledge to interest groups; she achieved good results and received positive appraisals from fellow calligraphers.

叶婕婕, 师从新加坡著名书法家陈声桂教授多年, 之后跟随台湾国宝级颜楷大家王宝星教授, 有幸成为他第一个海外入室弟子, 5年的颜楷笔法系统学习使之书艺大进。2018年又拜于中国卖粥老头陈小鹏老师门下, 针对行书笔法再进行深入研习, 并把多年所学积极通过各个社团的教学实践, 收到了良好的效果, 获得书友的一致好评。