Our Mission 使命

Singapore Century Calligraphy Agency was created in 2014 with a mission to promote Chinese Culture.  The 5000 years of Chinese Culture is profound and diverse.  Chinese Calligraphy has been widely regarded as one of the highest and purest forms of Chinese art.  This is the reason why Chinese Calligraphy is not only the cultural gem of the Chinese but also the essence of the world class culture.


In studying Chinese calligraphy, one must learn the origins of Chinese language and its development for meaningful learning journey.  Famous calligraphers have expressed their cultural thoughts, meanings and values within their master pieces but are usually hard for many to decipher – especially for young learners who relied on gadgets in our digitized society since they are more distanced from the traditional Chinese language.

在学习中国书法的过程中,学习者必须学习汉语的起源及其发展的意义。着名书法家在他们的作品中表达了他们的文化思想,意义和价值,但通常很难破译 – 特别是对于那些在数字化社会中依赖手机/平板电脑年轻的学习者,因为他们离传统中文更远。

Our instructors, who are knowledgeable in deciphering the different layer of meanings and values within the master pieces, could enable learners to better enrich their understanding of the master pieces, thereby achieving a fulfilling experience that cultivates learner’s interest in Chinese Culture.


To enhance learner’s understanding in Chinese Calligraphy, our experienced instructors will be able to impart the correct posture and techniques to equip learners with the basic knowledge and skills to create art pieces in their own hands.

为了提高学习者对中国书法的理解能力,具有经验的教师将能够传授正确的姿势和技巧,为学习者提基本的知识和技能, 以便学习者创作自己的艺术作品。

With the fundamental knowledge, learners will be able to appreciate the Chinese Calligraphy artwork.  Coupled with calligraphy creation ability, learners will also be infused with interest and motivation to self-pursue the history of Chinese Calligraphy and embark on their exciting discovery journey to unravel the essence of Chinese Culture through Chinese Calligraphy.

有了书法基础,学习者将能够欣赏中国书法艺术作品。 掌握了书法创作能力后的学习者也会对中国书法的历史产生兴趣从而激发动力去自我追寻中国书法的历史,踏上激动人心的探索之旅,通过中国书法学习中国文化的精髓。

Learning the traditional Chinese Calligraphy is also a process of self discovery — Ms Ye Jiejie

学习中国传统书法也是一种自我探索的旅 – 叶婕婕

Zhen Shan Mei