The Longest Calligraphy Scroll

From 22 Oct 2022 to 12 Nov 2022, our instructor, Ms Ye Jiejie led her students together with the community partners and residents of Nee Soon Central participated in the calligraphy scroll. Collectively, the total length of 458.8m written calligraphy was achieved and qualified as “The Longest Calligraphy Scroll” in the Singapore Book of Records.

The scroll was completed by Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Lawrence Wong; Minister of State, Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim; Member of Parliarment, Mr Derrick Goh Soon Hee and Chief Executive Director the People’s Association, Mr Lim Hock Yu.

Published by

Sg Century

Promoting chinese culture in Singapore in this new digital century through Chinese Calligraphy assisted by committed instructors, who believe that nurturing and living out the Chinese wisdom and values will be a sustainable way of enrichment towards a higher quality of life - after all, we want a meaningful tomorrow for ourselves and our future generations.

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