Cultivating perseverance through the pursuit of arts

“首先 家长要坚持,如果一旦学些什么,浅尝辄止 半途而废,他将来一生 可能 什么都可以放弃。在这一个 意义上说,学一门艺术让孩子学会坚持,比那个艺术本身更重要。” – 清华大学艺术教育中心 主任 赵洪。

“First, parents must persevere. Once the learning has started and the student has given it up halfway through, he may give up anything in his life. On this note, learning an art to cultivate perseverance in him is more important than learning the art.”  – Qing Hua University, Centre of the Arts Education, Head, Madam Zhao Hong.

Published by

Sg Century

Promoting chinese culture in Singapore in this new digital century through Chinese Calligraphy assisted by committed instructors, who believe that nurturing and living out the Chinese wisdom and values will be a sustainable way of enrichment towards a higher quality of life - after all, we want a meaningful tomorrow for ourselves and our future generations.

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